Why I Love Massage (1)

Up until February of this year, I worked at an insurance company. Not selling insurance; rather, I was one of those many, many people working behind the scenes. I worked in a cubicle and could spend days at a time not interacting with anyone beyond a smile as I walked by on my way to the printer.  Every day was a combination of filling out forms and imputing data. The work was mindless and it felt pretty meaningless.

Our supervisors assured us constantly that we were a positive force in the world, that because of the work we did, people were able to get the insurance they needed to keep themselves happy and secure. And sure, if you looked at the big picture (while still taking into account every little piece of the insurance process), this was true enough. But that is a very hard view to keep, and what I did day-to-day usually felt like it mattered very little.

But now I give massages. I work with clients directly – and not just work with, help. I help people every day. And though I obviously can’t see firsthand every effect my massage might have, I’m able to witness enough – a muscle softening against my hand or a client’s blissed-out grin when the massage is over – to know that I’m making a difference.

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