Why I Love Massage (2)

I’ve massaged CEOs. I’ve massaged children and teens. At my volunteer job, I regularly give massages to the homeless and those who are just starting to take care of themselves.

What’s the difference between these populations? As far as I’m concerned, nothing. What matters are just the individual differences between each person – muscle use, stress level, goals for massage. Someone running a 500-person company can hold tension in exactly the same way as someone who doesn’t know where her next meal will come from. Pain, adhesions, trigger points: these things don’t discriminate based on someone’s social status.

I love massage because I’m able to help people regardless of who they are.

Just as I treat everyone equally across jobs and income and life choices, I’m also no longer part of any hierarchy. Sure, I’m a professional. I went to school and trained in massage. But there’s no corporate ladder for me to climb or bosses to report to. I work alongside doctors, but I work with them, not under them. We all have different roles to play for our clients and patients (many of whom we share), and each of these roles are important.

I love massage because I have a unique role in people’s lives.

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