Tennis Ball Massage: Gluteus Muscles

I was wary at first about writing this because I don’t want to give you, my potential clients, all of my tricks and tips before you come in to visit me, but I finally decided that this is too important not to share.

Self-massage. Seriously. I want to teach you how to work out the kinks in some of your muscles all by yourself. It’s not a substitute for a professional massage by any means, but it’s something to keep your muscles happy and healthy in between appointments. Just another piece of self-care.

First area of discussion: your gluteus muscles, aka: your butt.

Why are these muscles so important? Imagine, for a second, that you didn’t have them at all. Imagine trying to do, well, anything. You couldn’t sit. You couldn’t stand. You couldn’t walk.

By that logic, if you sit or stand or walk at all, you’re using your gluteus muscles. And if you use them, there’s always a chance (a good chance) that you overuse them.

And how do you take care of overused muscles? Yea, that’s what I thought.

On a related note, did you know that adhesions and tension (and trigger points!) in the gluteus muscles are a huge cause of low back pain? It’s true. Sometimes if you alleviate the adhesions in your gluts (which is what I’m teaching you), you’ll eliminate the pain in your low back – without touching that area at all. Magic!

The diagram is simple enough. Lie on the floor, put a tennis ball under your gluts (one side at a time). Roll around and shift your weight, see what feels tight. If you need this massage, you’ll know – the pressure from the tennis ball will hurt. Be patient! Hold the painful positions for 10 or 20 seconds before moving on.

And that’s it! Do this regularly (daily, weekly, whatever) and I bet you’ll feel a difference.

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