Pec Stretch

Now that you know why your pec muscles are so important, I want to teach you how to take care of them. Namely, by stretching the muscles when they’re tight or achey or overused (from a long day sitting at a desk or from doing too many push-ups, for example).

Really, you can stretch them all the time and your body will just be that much happier.

    Pec Stretch:
  1. Find a doorframe (or pillar, lamppost, etc).
  2. Stand next to the doorframe and slightly behind it.
  3. Raise your arm to shoulder height.
  4. Bend your elbow and rest your forearm against doorframe (so your forearm is behind the doorframe, leaning forward).
  5. While keeping forearm/elbow anchored, rotate your chest and torso away from door.
  6. You should feel a stretch in your upper pec area (in red on picture below).
  7. Raise your arm higher and repeat the process.
  8. You should feel a stretch in your lower pec area.

And that’s it! A really easy stretch that you can do pretty much anywhere.

Note: If your muscles get even more achey after stretching, don’t continue! You might already have trigger points there that you’re irritating further. See a massage therapist first.

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