First Week In A New Space

Well, it’s all happening.

Four days into my tenure at my brand new office, and I’m feeling great. Labor Day was completely booked, five appointments in total (but still done by 6pm!). Since then my appointments have been few and far between, giving me time to make photocopies of important paperwork, buy assorted supplies that I didn’t realize I needed last week, and generally just enjoy the calm. It’s a soft opening. When online scheduling begins (hopefully tomorrow), I’ll start marketing for real.

This is my view. Seriously.

My building is gorgeous. It’s a revamped historical building, complete with a glass elevator and an atrium/skylight. My office is quiet and unassuming and completely my own. Simple pleasures: I didn’t quite realize how much I missed having windows in my room. I had bought a floor lamp to light up the massage area of the office (the back area), but with the constant natural light that spills through, that’s proven unnecessary.

I’ve returned to working downtown, which is something I knew I missed. I worked in this area way back when I was going to massage school (I took night classes), spending my days essentially doing a combination of paper pushing and data entry at an insurance company. Being downtown was nice, but the work itself was dreadful. The only thing that got me through was knowing I was on my way out – school would end; I’d get my license; I’d get a better job. And I did get a better job, no doubt about that, but it was far from the hustle and bustle and life of the downtown area.

Now I have the perfect job and the perfect setting. I win!

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