Discount gift certificates for the holidays!

Are you already tired of shopping for gifts this holiday season? Massage gift certificates are the perfect solution! And it just so happens that I’m running a really amazing holiday deal this year.

For 60-min massages:

  • 1 gift certificate: $70 (save $5!)
  • 2 gift certificates: $130 (save $20!)
  • 3 gift certificates: $180 (save $45!)
  • 4 gift certificates: $225 (save $75!! That’s a whole massage for free!)

Looking for longer massages? Save even more money!

For 90 minute massages:

  • 1 gift certificate: $90 (save $10!)
  • 2 gift certificate: $160 (save $40!)
  • 3 gift certificate: $230 (save $70!)
  • 4 gift certificate: $300 (save $100!! That’s a whole massage for free!)

This discount will only be around until the end of the year. Call 503-714-5117 or email me to order some today!

But Natalie, I don’t have four friends to give these to!

That’s ok! You can give multiple gift certificates to a very special someone, or you can redeem the extras yourself. You deserve a massage too!

But Natalie, I live in another state!

That’s ok! You can pay over the phone! I can mail you the gift certificates for you to fill out and send off to your loved ones, or you can give me their addresses and I can send them out for you (US only).

Contact me today to take care of your holiday shopping!

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